Visiting the IDE?

IDE Facility Map and Directions

Map to the IDE: Provides directions from Orlando International Airport and nearby hotel information

Procedures For Access To The IDE Building

The IDE facility is operated by standards set forth by the user Government personnel and DSS. Anyone desiring unescorted access to this facility must have a Visit Authorization Letter on file. Upon receipt of the Visit Authorization Letter, visitors will be issued a yellow (non-escort) badge from the front desk. The non-escort badge must be returned each time personnel exit the facility; there are no exceptions.

In order to secure a Visit Authorization Letter, contract personnel must contact their company Facility Security Officer. Government personnel must request the Visit Authorization Letter from their designated department administrator who will contact their Security office.

Visit Authorization Letters must be signed by the requesting Facility Security Officer and submitted to the IDE Security Officer who must have sufficient time to process, file, and enter visitors to our access roster prior to any scheduled visits. We ask that the Visit Authorization Letters be submitted to our office at least one week prior to the arrival date.

Personnel that require additional access, such as network or an IDE access badge will need government approval before accounts and photo badges are created. Please fax all Visit Authorizations to the following address:

Integration And Development Environment
3045 Technology Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826
Attention: Tony Tolbert
Phone (321) 235-7580
Fax (321) 235-1484

Last Updated ( Friday, 20 January 2012 )