Request OneSAF

How do I request a copy of OneSAF?

You can request a copy of OneSAF via the OneSAF Distribution Agreement.

OneSAF Distribution Agreement

The form is a web enabled PDF. Using Adobe PDF, fill out the Distribution Agreement. Sign using your CAC or other acceptable electronic signature. Once all required information and approving signatures are entered, use the "Submit" button at the top right corner of the form.

If you are other than U.S. government, you must submit a request through your government program sponsor. Download the form below, fill it out as instructed, and forward to your sponsor. Remind your sponsor to use the "Submit" button on the top of the form once he has approved your request. An e-mail will be sent to the contact entered on the DA, confirming receipt by our systems.

Note: (1) Each major release and engineering release of OneSAF requires a new distribution agreement. (2) A unique distribution agreement is required for each contract, even if you already have the software.

  • E-mail required supporting documentation to:
(refer to the Distribution Agreement for details).

  • For assistance, contact Product Support at:
Phone: 321-235-7625


Last Updated ( Monday, 27 January 2014 )